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-David Witchell



85 minutes from $125.00

55 minutes from $95.00

25 minutes from $65.00

DJW Spa Style

• Reduces stress

• Promotes relaxation

• Relieves muscle tension

• Stimulates circulation

• Warm, comforting bed


Deep Tissue Massage

For the massage savvy and athletic body types.

55 min... $110.00 | 85 min... $140.00

Prenatal Massage

For all expectant mothers past their first trimester.

55 min... $110.00 | 85 min... $140.00

Elemental Therapies Massage

Incorporating heated basalt lava stones, Penetrating warmth deep into the muscle tissue, Custom blended essential oils.

85 min... $140.00

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Long flowing movements mirroring the flow of gentle waves. This service requires a more modest draping.

55 min... $110.00 | 85 min... $140.00

Bamboo Massage

Heated stalks are rolled across muscles to target tension and relax deeply imbedded knots and stress point.

55 min... $110.00 | 85 min... $140.00

Invigoration Exfoliation Massage

A spa style massage with our Heat to Toe exfoliation.

Removes dead skin cells / Leaves skin soft and radiant.

85 minutes... $125.00

Thai Massage

Noninvasive ancient healing system, combining acupressure and assisted yoga posture.

Promotes flexibility and well being.

On Table - 55 minutes ... $120.00

On Mat - 85 minutes ... $150.00


Our signature interpretation derived from ancient Ayurveda. “Third Eye” oil treatment. A powerful centering and balancing treatment for complete mind/body connection. * Considered an advanced service for spa savvy guests.

55 minutes... $125.00


Non-invasive energy work. A series of hand positions promote deep relaxation, balance and harmony† An alternative to traditional massage.

75 minute ..... $85.00

Targeted Foot Massage

Unblocks the energy flow of the central nervous system through the feet. Targets congestion in feet. Unblocks the energy flow of the central nervous system. * Can be momentarily uncomfortable in some cases.

40 minutes ... $65.00

Stress Buster Seated Chair Massage

Comfortably positioned and fully clothed Seated face-forward, face cradled, arms gently resting.Targets neck, back and shoulders.

* Schedule spontaneously for easy tension relief in 15 minute blocks at

*Fantastic option for modest, time deprived or inexperienced massage guests.

* Advance bookings require 30 minute blocks at $1.00 per minute

Ear Candling

Gently draws impurities and toxins from deep within the ear canal Relieves congestion of the inner ear and associated sinus areas   

* Great for seasonal allergy relief and chronic sinus issues

55 minutes $60.00


Multiple wax options to suit your skin type. All prices based on surface area to be waxed. Your price may be higher. Please inquire before service begins.

Lower Leg: From $35.00

Upper Leg: From $45.00

(Complete Leg: From $70.00)

Underarm: From $23.00

Upper Arm: From $25.00

Lower Arm: From $30.00

(Complete Arm: From $55.00)

Back: From $55.00

Chest: From $35.00

Modest Abdomen: From $35.00

(Complete Abdomen: From $50.00)

Brazilian Bikini: From $55.00

French Bikini: From $45.00

Modest Bikini: From $35.00

ManZillian: From $95.00

Facial Waxing

Any single area such as eyebrow, hairline, lip, chin, neck, ears, hands or cheeks. Soothing and calming for most every skin type.

* Tweezing in place of waxing is sometimes recommended and requires an additional charge.

From $6.00 - $20.00


Shaman Glow

This 45 minute treatment that incorporates a special Shaman oil bend into an incredible full body treatment in the Vichy shower.  warm misty like shower while laying down on a table.  The Shaman glow treatment is offered in our own private Vichy shower room,  developed with David’s exclusive Shaman oil and a proprietary blend of salts and other essential organic elements. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives used in this treatment. While comfortably relaxing in a warm, steam-filled space on a towel draped bed, your therapist will gently exfoliate you from your feet to your head. During this treatment, you will be washed completely by a multitude of shower heads from above.

Stay in the room and add on a massage of your choice for an extraordinary and one of a kind experience! It’s so perfect at  the end of your treatment.

* Pricing ... based on massage selected.)

Never left alone, we pamper your hands, feet and scalp so you are comforted and relaxed during the entire length of your service.

55 minutes - $110.00

Nourishing Soothing wrap of fruits, vegetables and B vitamins Moisturizing emulsion leaves your skin soft, polished and glowing

Anti-oxidant Rich in vitamins Bolsters the immune system Assists in the regeneration of collagen Rejuvenates sun-damaged and aging skin

Revitalizing Algae, marine mud and essential oils Stimulate circulation and improve skin tone and elasticity Leaves skin smooth and velvety soft

Detoxifying Oar weed, algae, marine mud and essential oils Deeply stimulates and mineralizes tissue Done in a series, this treatment diminishes the appearance of cellulite   

* Revitalizing Body Session is a recommended prior to this intense treatment

Body Bronzing “Fresh from the beach” Full body exfoliation Auto-tanning formula applied to the skin Cannot take shower or exfoliate for 24 hours after treatment.   

* Golden glow without the harmful effects of the sun
   55 minutes $75.00

  * Express application available Application only $50.00

Citrus Salt Glow Sea salt Citrus blend of essential oils Head-to-toe exfoliation  Increases circulation Hydrotherapy
  * Alleviates tension and reveals a lustrous layer of new skin
   40 minutes $95.00

Sweet and Spicy Orange Scrub  Blend of orange ginger and raw sugar Exfoliates surface of the skin Boosts circulation   * Lasting results leave skin silky, vibrant with energy
   40 minutes $95.00


Custom blended to achieve maximum benefit to your skin and help you achieve your personal goals for your complexion  For the skin savvy, select from our enhanced facials For the novice, select Essential Care Aromatic and allow us to recommend the appropriate session
  55 minutes $95.00

Essential Care Aromatic • Deep cleansing • Exfoliation • Hydrating steam • Revitalizing mask
Moisture Replenishing
 Anti-oxidants blended to fortify nutrient-deprived skin due to sun damage pollutants and time  Infuses mega doses of moisture to overly dry skin   

Excellent for mature, sensitive and allergic skin types
Lookin’ Over Your Shoulder  Specially designed to target issues associated with the back, neck and shoulders  Includes a relaxing massage of the back, arms and hands

* Highly recommended to prevent breakouts after waxing
made for breakout acne issues
facial for your back

Deep Pore Cleansing  For occasional breakouts and more serious skin conditions  Intensely cleanses the skin  Clear deep congestion  Soothe, calm and tighten pores   

* Great for teenage skin conditions  

 Add $15.00

Rosacea Treatment  Botanical extracts to calm inflamed and reddened skin  Visual improvement in on treatment   
Series recommended to achieve maximum results & minimize flair-ups  
Add $20.00

Basalt Stone Facial  Heated stones applied to key ayurvedic pressure points and chakras to balance energy  Chilled stones improve circulation and relieve sinus pressure, headaches, and eyestrain   

* Not recommended for oily skin   

Add $20.00

Glorious Skin Facial *
Skin C Firming Facial  Designed to tighten and detoxify the skin  Exfoliation using 12% hydroxyl acid blend  Improves moisture level  Vitamin C mask improves firmness and tone   

* Includes extractions   

Add $10.00

Gel Peel Treatment  Minimizes surface lines  Smooths rough skin texture  Aids in clearing acne  Help fade hyper-pigmentation  Facial and hand massage included  Finish with protection of UV defense SPF30   

* Series of six recommended for maximum results

25 minutes .... $60.00

C Regenerating Facial  Deeper and more intense version of C firming Facial  Gel peel and clay mask  Lip treatment  Hand treatment  Designed to tighten, detoxify and regenerate the skin  

 * Not suitable for all skin types   

Add $30.00

Alpha/Beta D Facial  Diminish fine lines and imperfections  Evens out skin tone and texture  Promotes skin radiance  Firms and reduces pore size  Leaves skin plump and glowing * Skin may flake two or three days after   

Add $30.00    
(Between visit touchup: 15 minutes - $50.00)

Micro-Dermabrasion  Skin restoration treatment  Improves skin tone and texture  Non-invasive Removes dead and damaged skin cells  Stimulates collagen  Visibly reduces age spots, fine lines, large pores, acne scars, sun damage and uneven skin tone   * Minimum series of three recommended
Add $30.00

Micro-Dermabrasion Plus
• Includes Gel peel for enhanced exfoliation  
* Considered more aggressive, not for all skin types   
Add $55.00

On the Glow Facial Vitamin D infusion Delicate exfoliation   
* Condensed version of our Alpha/Beta D facial  
* Not recommended for experienced guests   
25 minutes - $65.00


Select any or all of our additional options to enhance your visit and extend the enjoyment.

Aromatherapy Oils  Calm and soothe Immune boosting  Anti-bacterial  Invigorate and stimulate  Sinus clearing   Add $15.00

Eye Remedy  Reduces puffiness, fine lines and dehydration
Reduces suffering from headache or sinus congestion   
*Great for tired, puffy eyes and allergy sufferers
 Add $15.00

Scalp and Hair Conditioning Treatment All natural botanical and essential oils
Step 1 applied to scalp, visibly clarifies and conditions and promotes healthy environment for hair growth
 Great for dry, tight, flaky or itchy scalp
 Step 2 applied to hair, deeply penetrates to the core of the fiber, depositing lasting hydration to dull, dry hair
  * Ask about home care program for extended results
Add $30.00

Lip Remedy Lip rescue from the elements and aging Hydrates and nourishes the lips and surrounding area  
 * Great for former smokers that suffer from lip lines
Add $15.00
   (Combination lip and eye- $25.00)

Paraffin Wrap  Hydrates dry hands or feet  Warm, therapeutic wax
 Hydrates and soothes dry brittle skin around fingers and toes   * Single use disposable mitts and socks
Hands or feet add $20.00
     (Combination $35.00)


Conceived with the ancient traditions of nurturing and indulgence All implements are freshly presented following surgical grade sterilization for your protection Designed for the health of the nail and skin
• Full lower leg or lower arm exfoliation
• Masking and hydration
• Luxurious essential oil paraffin wrap
• Buffed to a shine   
† Polish upon request  

 Spa pedicure $60.00  
Spa manicure $35.00

Energy Flow Hot Stone Pedicure: Beyond the ordinary and truly exceptional, therapeutic and relaxing Intense healing effects of a hot stone foot and lower leg massage   

Add $25.00

Bamboo Pedicure

Heated stalks are rolled across muscles to target tension and relax deeply embedded knots and stress points of the lower legs and feet   

Add $25.00

Hand and Arm Massage

Extend our extraordinary spa manicure with an additional hand and arm massage with hot stones or bamboo  

Add $25.00