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Salon Owners United

The time has come to say something loud and clear ….
Our entire state needs to reopen and our local political leadership IS behind us. For weeks we have been in constant communication with
both sides of the aisle on behalf of the beauty industry and today, we received this letter to Governor Tom Wolf from our 10 thDistrict Senator Steve Santarsiero.
What they crafted is a perfectly articulated letter addressing the concerns of the beauty industry.
This letter is proof that when a community cries out for help in a calm and organized manner delivering a message through
a perspective of educating, change can happen.
(Refer back to our post from Saturday May24th where we described our zoom call with
salons from across the state of PA. That post describes in detail what we expressed as an industry. Every single
point our group brought to his attention is included in the letter.)
Our goal from the beginning has been to accomplish a safe, controlled and well strategized reopening
that would offer our community the services they need and want while delivering them in the most sensitive,
thoughtful and caring way guided by CDC recommendations.
To amplify the voices of our local leadership, we have attached a general letter for you to
simply sign and send or embellish with your own sentiments.
Please take our letter, add your thoughts and send immediately to Governor Wolf.
Let your voices be heard so we can get back to work safely starting on June 4th!

To our fellow Salon Owners, please join our private Facebook Group that will give us a space to share more information with our fellow business owners.

Our Letter to Governor Wolf

Governor Wolf,


Since the COVID crisis struck and crippled America, Pennsylvania has been impacted in a particularly harsh way.  Not only has the disease taken a toll on the most vulnerable, the closure of the state that began on March 15th has devastated entire sectors of our economy.  This unforeseen decimation has been felt the most by small businesses including the salon, barbering and professional beauty industry.  That industry has nearly 6,300 freestanding locations across the state and has employed over a 35,000 Pennsylvanian’s.  Once closed, successfully employed individuals were forced to enter the ranks of the unemployed and those businesses have been forced to make draconic decisions of whether they could re-open or not. It is already estimated that over 40% of the salons and barbershops will not reopen equating to an estimated 14,000 Pennsylvanians remaining on the unemployment roles, which is unacceptable.


That industry generates over 2 billion dollars for Pennsylvania’s economy and in some towns; salons and barbershops are a stabilizing economic structure and part of the social fabric of the community.  Continuing to keep them closed will only further the adverse effect these closures have already had on the state.


With three months of experience and education about this virus, we’ve watched businesses and employees suffer enough.  As we see states across our nation slowly re-open, many have followed the CDC Phased guidelines.  Most states that are re-opening have allowed businesses including those in the beauty industry to re-open following those guidelines. They minimize the number of individuals present while following social distancing and enhanced sanitizing guidelines. Many states have instituted the mandatory wearing of masks and gloves, as needed.  These are all procedures beauty industry businesses already follow and are prepared to continue for as long as necessary.  It makes no sense to keep those business closed since grocery stores and big box stores have been allowed to operate without interruption and no known COVID epidemic has been reported from those locations.


In Pennsylvania, a singular salon was granted a waiver to continue operating. If this singular salon and salons in other states can safely operate, why can’t the rest?


Not allowing the reopening also ignores the impetus behind the South Eastern Pennsylvania Barbershop/Beauty salon to Work Safety Proposal that has over 3200 signatures. This bill is meant to push lawmakers to help save the beauty industry in the state.  This lack of a re-opening strategy also forces the same business to make economic hardship decisions of whether to violate state regulations and re-open to save their business, risking censure or simply go out of business and add to the states unemployment numbers.


Pennsylvania and those in the beauty industry have suffered enough.  It is time to allow the beauty industry and other small businesses to re-open and operate within the CDC guidelines that have been proven to protect everyone.


Thank you

Help Us Contact Governor Wolf

Please join us in saving the
Pennsylvania beauty industry

To help us, please send our letter to Governor Wolf to show support in
reopening the Pennsylvania Beauty Industry and Small Businesses.


Office of the Governor
508 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Phone: 717-787-2500
Fax: 717-772-8284

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