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Meet the Designer


This is where my life has changed. After an extended break, I am back at the place that feels like home with David, Galina and the incredible team at DJW! I am a Mother, sister, daughter and a loyal friend. I keep my circle small these days. I am an artist and have a passion for doing hair, creating, and making people feel great.   Since graduating High school in 1997, I entered in the beauty industry and have not stopped learning and growing since.   I am back with much excitement and so humbled when David and Galina said “Welcome home, again” … It’s a feeling I will never forget.   They help me see the sunnier side of my life and I’m so happy and grateful to be “Home!”   Most of all, I am excited to be a doing what I love most in a place that encourages creativity and individuality. I’m looking forward to seeing you in my chair! 
phone: 215-579-1200 Ext 2
lives in: David J Witchell @ Peddler's Village