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Meet the Artist & Spa Specialist


Esthetician / Makeup Artist
Enabling clients to appreciate their best self is the reason I have been in this amazing vocation for half of my adult life. I began my career as a makeup artist for a major department store. Clients began to inquire about my work and ask for me specifically to do their makeup. My reputation amongst the people I worked with grew, and so did my passion for the artistry. While pursuing my career and raising my daughter, I became a licensed Pennsylvania Esthetician. My enthusiasm for beauty, health, and spirituality became and continues to be a prime focus. Spending time in a treatment room helping clients is my “Happy Place.” Creating a beautiful brow is another area in which I am considered an expert. Eyebrows are the frame of the face, and enhance the rest of the look. I am also passionate about helping clients who have flaws or medical imperfections look and feel confident through makeup for special occasions or just everyday routine. I can transform a person’s skin from blotchy and uneven to having an appearance of a smooth, clear complexion. Being an esthetician, I take clients from the facial room to bridal makeup. In this multifaceted profession, I transform someone’s skin from the inside out. Skincare creates the perfect base for the perfect makeup. Dermalogica Skin Care Expert Trained Murad Skin Care Company Certified as a permanent make-up artist Trained as a Medical Esthetician utilizing laser treatment, and peels Trained in eye lash extensions Trained in Ultraluxe Skincare System
phone: 215-579-1200 Ext. 2
lives in: David J Witchell @ Peddler's Village