Hair Services

The Hair Salon offers the best of the best in service, style, and expertise. Each stylist is rigorously trained by both David himself and a team of expert educators. David J. Witchell clients walk out feeling refreshed and beautiful.

Hairdressing Services

Hairdressing Services

Design & Shape
$ 50+

Our interpretation of a haircut. Starting at $50.

Extended Shampoo w/Head & Neck Massage
$ 20

The best part of getting your hair done gets even better 15 minutes.

Style & Finish
$ 25+

A classic blow dry with our signature flair. Starting at $25 ** curling iron & flat iron styling is additonal cost **

Dressed & Formal Design
$ 95+

Special occasion hair swept up, braided or dressed beyond the normal. Starting at $95.

Long Style & Finish
$ 35+

For when your hair is thick, long or needs additional work. Starting at $35

Nourishing/Restorative Treatment
$ 35+

Custom selected formulations designed to target specific concerns. Starting at $35.

Shape Consultation
$ 10

Our Shape Consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss options and possibilities for your hair.

Hair Coloring Services

Hair Coloring Services

** ALL minors or children with parent/guardian paying for service MUST schedule a color consult with a parent/guardian present PRIOR to any color service to understand pricing and maintenance**

$ 15

Our Consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss options and possibilities for your hair when considering a big change, doing a Chemical treatment or before your first visit to the salon! *consultations are required for first time Chemical Treatment at salon* * $15 payment goes towards next salon visit for appointment *

Initial Tint
$ 60+

For guests altering existing color or new guests discovering our salon for the first time. Starting at $60.

Retouch / Camouflage
$ 50+

The gentleman's choice for natural grey blending or grey coverage. Starting at $50.

$ 50+

Maintaining existing hair color designed by our team. Starting at $50

$ 20+

Refreshing Ends. *add on service * Starting at $20.

$ 75+

Foil placements, balayage, vibration glaze. Starting at $75.

Chemical Restructuring Services
$ 150

To enhance or remove natural curl or texture. Starting at $150.

Facial Hair Tinting
$ 15+

Brow, Beard, Mustache. Starting at $15.

Keratin Restructuring Services
$ 300

Fused Keratin to the oter later of the hair fiber creates shiny relaxed hair lasting up to 3 months. (* consultation, deposit, and proper maintence required) Starting at $300.



Microblading Consult
$ 30+

All microblading services require a consult before booking. Please call to book a consult. After, the specialist will book your first appointment with you!

Facial Microblading
$ 600+

Create brows or enhance sparse or blading eyebrow with hair strokes to give a fuller, natural look. Complimentary touch up 1-2 months after appointment. Starting at $600

Facial Microblading Touch Up
$ 300+

Microblading touch up one year after microblading appointment. Starting at $300

Hair Enhancement Services

Everyone will notice but no one will know!

Here at David J. Witchell Salon, we perform the following hair enhancements:





Fashion Color Highlights


These services are all priced upon consultation!

*Consultation price: $25

We here at David J. Witchell Salon use a tiered system of pricing. We start at our Junior Designer pricing, and go up from their depending on the Designer & their expertise. Senior Designers, Designers, & Junior Designers all vary on pricing.

To inquire about specific Designer prices,
please visit our Meet the Designers page, or call 215-579-1200.

** All salon services are subject to our cancelation policy. If you call or cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, you may be charged 50% of all services booked. We please ask that if you can not make your scheduled appointment, to call ahead of time to reschedule. **